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About Us

Welcome To WorqSage

India’s Leading Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency

WorqSage a Social Media Marketing & web Development Agency with 7+ years of experience and a dedicated team of Digital Marketers, Illustrators, Content Writers, Photoshop Artists & Web Developers with the expertise to increase the number of customers as well as your brand popularity. We use various media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Google and world renowned SEO techniques to promote the Products and Services for the same.


Meet the Force who made WorqSage what it is…

Saatvik Ruddra

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of WorqSage, Saatvik Ruddra has worked in the world of Web Development, Ecommerce, and Digital Marketing for many years and generated millions in revenue for companies using Organic and Paid Marketing Techniques. He is working with Top MSMEs across India and Abroad consulting them on scaling up and setting up business development strategies and lead generation campaigns.

Chetan Emerson

Business Head

An MBA in Banking and Finance, he has worked with multi-dimensional verticals like Customer Care, Technical Support, Sales, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Strategical Business Development across the world with various designated organizations. An ex-IBMer,  he also had a stint across communication fields like corporate communication and branding specializing in the Client relationships.

Ankita Vishwakarma

Growth Strategy

Being a Marketer & Growth Hacker, Ankita got a wide experience in Digital Space while working with some prominent names in the industry. She keeps Innovating, Devising & Structuring High ROI Driven Marketing Funnels while constantly building growth-plans with the Marketing Teams at WorqSage. The eye for details helps her overseeing all Technical Components of Marketing campaigns utilizing Digital Marketing strategies in the organization.

GaganDeep Singh

Technical Operations

The Tech-Op of WorqSage, Gagandeep is all about the new innovations and keeps implementing the latest technologies in the industry to keep our technical teams always on their toes. A very patient and attentive by nature, he got an eye for bugs and solving them at their best, one of the things which comes in handy while managing Tech-operations.

Eva Ruddra

Creative Media

Eva Ruddra is a Design and Aesthetic enthusiast and believes that a good brand story can make or break the future of a company. She holds the team responsible for generating digital content and likes to play with typographies and elements. She handles the team of Adobe Illustrator Artists, Photoshop creators, content writers and other creative media teams working at WorqSage.